Marty Fugate

Compare my real-world experience to what is required of the County Clerk. Not only will you see I exceed expectations, but also you will see I have the proven Real-World Experience to Bring to County Government.

I believe I can make a difference where it matters. I can bring real-world experience to county government.

My Experience

    • For 20+ years, successfully continue to run multiple businesses in which customer service is the #1 priory.
    • Several of my businesses confidentially handle thousands of customer’s personal information and files.
    • Owning your own business calls for maintaining meticulous books and records filing local, state and federal taxes as well as complying with local, state and federal guide lines.
    • Owning a auto dealership we have to know every aspect of motor vehicle registration, filing proper documents with the clerk and maintaining a good working relationship with Nashville DMV.
    • My companies are government audited on a regular basses and have passed every year.
    • I manage multiple employees that have been with me, some more than 15 years.

County Clerk’s Job Description*

    • Communicate with residents, employees and other individuals to answer questions, disseminate or explain information and address complaints
    • Maintains records automobile titles and marriage licenses records issued in the county.
    • Responsible to receive fees, set by state law, for various transactions, such as motor vehicle registration and automobile titles, drivers’ license renewals, notary commissions, marriage licenses and passports.
    • Assist the State Department of Revenue in collecting automobile sales tax and privilege taxes.
    • Manage employees of the clerk’s office.

    *other job duties may apply but are not listed.


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You may always stop by my shop if you would like to get to know me face-to-face. Dr. Marty’s Car Care is located at 400 East Broadway in Lenoir City. Or, reach out to me on my home phone! (865) 601-4795

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